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Boston Marathon Live Stream: Route, Course Map, Road Closures, Times, and Event Details. Boston marked the fifth anniversary of the deadly Boston Marathon bombings Sunday with solemn remembrances and charitable acts. There are going to be showers the entire day, and, at times, there could be some heavy downpours.

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Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon 2018 will take place on Monday, April 16. The marathon will cover 26.2 miles, beginning on Main Street in Hopkinton, Mass., and ending in Boston. The course begins downhill and follows Route 135 until merging with Route 16 in Wellesley around the halfway marker. Runners will merge onto Route 30 around mile 17 and encounter a tough uphill stretch. As they approach mile 25, they’ll see the green walls of Fenway Park to their right.

The course ends at the finish line in Boston’s Copley Square.
You can view the course map here.
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Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh and Republican Gov. Charlie Baker laid wreaths early in the morning at the spots along downtown Boylston S. where two bombs killed three spectators and maimed more than 260 others on April 15, 2013.

One wreath was laid by Baker in front of Marathon Sports as bagpipes played in the background. In a another spot, the family of victims Martin Richard and Lu Lingzi were comforted by Walsh as another wreath was placed where the second bomb went off by the Atlantic Fish restaurant. Hundreds of silent people gathered to watch behind barricades.

People left bouquets of flowers, handwritten notes, candles and stuffed toys.

Both Baker and Walsh addressed families and survivors at a private ceremony inside the Boston Public Library.

On April 15, 1881, the temperature in Boston only reached 40 degrees. Until today, that marked the coldest April 15 in the record books.

While the cold is certainly notable, it’s the rain that will really affect Patriots Day and impact the most number of folks outside.

As of late Sunday morning, Boston was just a couple of degrees above freezing, and it won’t be much better early Monday. Sunday night will be raw and chilly, and there could be some very light freezing rain or sleet showers before everything trends over toward just a drizzle by morning. It will remain breezy from the east all night.

On April 15, 2013, our city changed forever but over the last five years, we have reclaimed hope. We have reclaimed the finish line and Boston has emerged with a new strength, a resilience rooted in love,” Walsh said.

Jane and Henry Richard, siblings of the youngest victim Martin Richard, and members of the family’s foundation, also spoke.

Henry Richard urged those listening to follow Martin’s message to “choose kindness and do more.” The family’s foundation was founded in 2014 to connect young people with opportunities for volunteerism and community engagement.

Lingzi’s uncle, Sherman Yee, was present at the ceremony and private gathering. He said, “The family has been ’overwhelmed by love and support from all over the world.”’ He called Lingzi an “extraordinary girl” who represented the youth that come to the U.S. from China to study.

While she didn’t realize her dreams, as her family we invest in the youths through our foundation to keep her memory going,” he said.

Arreen Andrew, of Boston, said she was in the crowd across the stand when the first bomb went off in 2013.

It was sheer panic,” she recalled. “Just this sense of ’No, this can’t happen to us.”

Five years later, while the day is still a reminder of some painful memories, she said it has also become a day about the relationships that have since been formed and “reformed and recreated our entire community.”

At 2:49 p.m., a citywide moment of silence will be observed, and the bells of Old South Church will be rung to mark the moment five years ago when the first bomb exploded. Sunday is “One Boston Day,” devoted to blood drives and acts of kindness.

When New England residents wake up on April 16, they may have two things on their mind: The Boston Bruins on the road against the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round of the NHL Playoffs and how Brian Johnson will do starting for the Boston Red Sox against the Baltimore Orioles.

However, they should also remember that, starting at 8:40 a.m., the 122nd Boston Marathon will be taking place.

The marathon started in 1897 and hosts runners from all over the world to compete in a 26.2-mile affair that begins in the town of Hopkinton, MA, and continues all the way to Boston and near the John Hancock Tower at Copley Square.

The entire course layout can be found here.

To think the very first Boston Marathon had just 15 participants and now it has upward of 30,000 is a phenomenal feat.

While many New Englanders will flock to the streets that stretch the entire course, those unable to attend will have the opportunity to live-stream the event on

According to, there will be more than 35 road closures throughout the day.

For the competitors, there is a $706,000 prize pool for the top 15 men and women, with both the top male and female competitors bringing home $150,000, whereas the lucky male and female to finish 15th will get a hearty $1,500.

For the Masters Divison—which is for participants over a certain age—there is a prize pool of $40,000 to be distributed amongst the top-five finishers.

Lastly, those racing with wheelchairs will also have a chance to bring home some cash with a prize pool of $84,500 being distributed to the top-10 male and female racers in that category.

For a complete listing of the payouts, click here.

Will this be the year someone beats Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai’s record of 2:03:02 set back in 2011?